1st April, 1981


Audit and Assurance

  • Statutory audits of private / public companies including MSME Internal audits of private / public companies including MSME
  • System Audits - to study, analyze systems and help design new systems and processes for better management and smoother flow of information and documents
  • Design, implementation and review of accounting manuals
Special Audits for special purposes
  • Investigative and Fraud Detection Audits - to help detect frauds and leakage of funds
  • Financial and other Due Diligence for parties interested in partnerships, take-overs, collaborations, etc.
  • Management Audits Income Tax Audits
  • TDS (Tax Deduction) Audits - to help, control and correct errors in statutory tax deductions.
Audits of Societies, Trusts and Voluntary Organizations.
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