1st April, 1981


P S V & Associates  was founded in 1981, one of the pioneers of the Chartered Accountancy profession in India. For over 40 years, our mission has been to render professional services of the highest standard to clients, upholding the code of conduct and ethics of the profession. Keeping these grounded principles in consideration, we continue to grow and expand in our endeavor to exceed expectations.

To withstand the ever-increasing competition faced by corporates in the vibrant global economy coupled with increasing responsibilities on human resources, P S V & Associates  aims at enhancing the economic well-being of an organization by providing timely services which add significant value addition to the client’s business. Look to our team of experienced tax and financial advisors to support your business as it changes and grows. Count on us to keep things running efficiently—from cash flow and financial statements, to audits and tax returns. Over the years, we learn your company inside and out, so we can advise you on the complexities of diversification, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring.

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